RHEMA Mumbai Campus Info

Rhema Mumbai has 2 types of schedules:

Day Scholars

2nd Feb, 2024 - Friday evening 6 to 8 PM – Orientation Day

5th Feb, 2024 – Start of class for day scholars;

Hostel Scholars

2nd Mar, 2024 – Saturday evening 12:00 to 2:00 PM – Orientation Day

4th Mar, 2024 – Start of class for Residential students;

1) Day scholars for local working people of Mumbai; evening classes session for 42 weeks which can be completed into 9 Months In one goal Feb – Nov 2024.;

2) Also, this same course can be completed over the period of 2 years in the ratio of 60:40 percent in each year. If you choose to go for the option of 2 years then it is mandatory to complete 25 or more subjects in 1st years and remaining subject needs to be completed in following year.

3) Teachings will be maximum Live session & minimal Video or Live Zoom sessions as per the availability of the season minister with quality instructions.

Residential students –– (8 months’ course – March to November)

Day scholars – evening classes Monday to Friday – 6:15 PM to 9:00 PM

Residential students Morning Classes - 09:30 AM to 12:30 PM AND Evening classes 6:15 PM to 9:00 PM (Monday to Friday)

Registration of Rs. 300 /- for application form along with bank account details needs to be added.

Note: RBTC Mumbai does not have a hostel; rather, the residential arrangements are rented flats not far from the campus available on a limited basis. The residential costs are subsidized to make it more affordable to perspective students.(Monday to Friday)

Andheri Class
Andheri, Mumbai,
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