Our Graduates Alumni Meet

Welcome to the RHEMA family around the world!

At RHEMA Mumbai, our earnest desire is to stay vitally connected with our graduates. We hold regular alumni meetings in which all RHEMA Mumbai graduates are invited to participate. Our aim is to be a source of encouragement and a continual resource for additional teaching and training following graduation. As part of the RHEMA family around the world, there are nearly 100,000 regular and specialized graduates that have the same spirit of faith and are ready to join their faith with yours to overcome every adverse circumstance and propel you to victory!

The English saying holds great significance: “No person is an island to themselves.” The people of Laish were defeated and their enemies took their city because they were “far from Sidon and they had no ties with anyone.” (Josh. 18:28). Having no ties with anyone is an unsafe place. We need one another and thank God, as the RHEMA family, we have one another."
  • A source of encouragement
  • A place of belonging
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