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Mentioned twice in the Book of Esther, the nation of India will always be remembered in the mind and heart of God. During Campmeeting 1989, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin saw in a vision a man from Northern India. Brother Hagin relayed what the man in the vision said to the over 10,000 people present.
“I am from Northern India. Brother [John] Osteen has made a special effort in our part of the country and there is a certain move that will begin, but the Devil hinders greatly. I’ve come to ask you people to agree with us, to join your faith with our faith that will turn our country around and the whole Northern part of India will be affected by this great thrust and outreach.”

Brother Hagin requested everyone present to repeat these words in faith: “We agree with you, that this work shall be unhindered....and that there shall come a great move of the Spirit of God in Northern India. The seed that has been planted, and the seed that shall continue to be planted, and the seed that shall be watered will bring forth a bountiful harvest! There must be a harvest!”

As of 2023, having over 1.43 billion (143 crores) population, India holds the prestigious title of the most populous nation in the world. India makes up 18% of the world's population with nearly one in five persons being Indian! When Jesus saw the multitudes of people, He was moved with utmost compassion, saying, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are few. Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth labourers into His harvest." Our response must be one of praying and going forth with words of consecration, "Here I am Lord, send me!”

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RHEMA is the place, where Lives are transformed, Faith taught, Anointings Imparted to gain Heaven.

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