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Elizabeth Shown
2019 Class Ps. Ravi Tribhuwan

Throughout one Saturday night in August, I was struggling with severe symptoms of a high fever. The following day, I was supposed to conduct the church service, but due to the high fever, my body became extremely weak. Consequently, I informed my wife to conduct the church service in my place.

But in my spirit, I heard a voice speaking these words, “Get up and start your confession of faith and pray the prayer of faith as RHEMA taught you.” In the face of unrelenting symptoms, I somehow stood up in faith and said, “I am healed In the name of Jesus!” I believed that I received and lay down again. Suddenly, as when a person takes a tablet for fever, my whole body began to sweat and within minutes, the fever was completely gone! The Lord healed me without taking a single tablet! The following day, I attended my RHEMA classes, healed and giving all glory, honour and praise to God alone!

Tony Norton
2019 Class Sis. Nikita Thambe

In our evangelism class, we were taught the importance of proclaiming the Gospel and effective ways to win souls. Yesterday, I went to the beach to serve as a volunteer in a Christian crusade where actor Johnny Lever was giving his testimony. Due to the nostalgia of a Bollywood star, many people from outside the venue came to see him. I sensed on the inside that I should share the Gospel with those who don’t know the Lord Jesus and acted upon the Spirit’s prompting that I should not miss this opportunity.

I boldly shared the Gospel and prayed for more than 35 people, of which 17 were Muslims. This is the first time that I had so fearlessly proclaimed the Good News of Jesus by His Spirit and in so doing, I was overwhelmed with joy! The Spirit said to me, “Now you are full of joy; but how much more joy is there in heaven over one sinner who repents!”

Traci Harden
2019 Class Sis. Soniya Jawrani

Doctors recommended that my Dad have spinal surgery due to his severe back pain. The prognosis was a very critical condition with chances he would never walk again without aid of a support. As my family are unbelievers, both my parents were confessing these negative reports. Instead, I used my authority over that pain and believed for my Dad’s healing.

Hearing God’s Word in the Doctrines of Healing class, my faith was being built up. After successful surgery, doctors expected that my Dad would not be able to drive and that he should take early retirement. But I was using my faith that he will walk, talk and work like a healthy person. Within two short weeks, my Dad was driving his vehicle to work! He is Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals!


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